Racking and Shelving in Melbourne - Greater Victoria

United Storage offers a vast array of work benches, racks and shelves in Melbourne and Greater Victoria.

Our storage and shelving solutions can be used in both residential and commercial settings. From a garage bench to improve productivity in your home workshop to solutions for warehouse shelving in Melbourne, United Storage has the right products at fantastic prices.

All orders from Victoria are dispatched from our Melbourne location, ensuring prompt delivery and excellent customer service when you order with United Storage.


Racks and Shelves in Melbourne & Greater Victoria 

Browse our range of available industrial shelving, mobile shelves and garage racking in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Shelving Solution

United Storage offers a range of shelves in Melbourne, all of which can be used to enhance the efficiency and tidiness of your garage, warehouse or storeroom.

Industrial Shelving Melbourne

United Storage stocks a range of units for warehouse shelving in Melbourne. These industrial strength shelves are ideal for storing a range of goods, helping remove clutter from warehouse floors and improve safety. When teamed with a thorough cataloguing system, these shelves can greatly improve the efficiency of your workplace.

Garage Shelving Melbourne

If your garage is in need of a tidy-up, or you need to make space for a new project, United Storage’s garage shelves are for you. Organise your automotive supplies, gardening equipment and home spares on these high quality metal shelving units and open up much-needed space.


Mobile Shelving Melbourne

If the layout of your home or workplace is under constant revision, you may want to consider a mobile shelving unit. These portable storage systems are a great way of storing goods that you use frequently or do not have a permanent home for. 

Longspan Shelving Melbourne

If you need to store extremely long items, United Storage’s longspan shelving solutions are for you. These units feature an extended width of up to 20 metres, allowing you to easily store bulky and awkward items. 

Racking Solutions

At United Storage, we offer a range of racks to securely store items in a home garage, work prep room or warehouse. 

Industrial Racking Melbourne

United Storage offers a wide range of industrial racking in Melbourne and Greater Victoria. Our industrial racks allow you to keep and catalogue your inventory in a safe place, allowing for improved workflow and distribution management.

Garage Benches Melbourne

If you need a sturdy base from which to craft your next project, our garage work benches are the perfect solution. Their robust steel construction allows you to work confidently and safely. Our benches come in a number of sizes, with a handy lower shelf for keeping materials and tools.

Shelf Extension Kits

If you run out of space, our modular shelf extension kits can be added to your existing shelving setup. Our warehouse shelving in Melbourne is a scalable option that can grow alongside your business.

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United Storage offers a range of industrial, mobile, longspan and garage shelves in Melbourne. Our offerings can be used in your home garage, in a prep room at your office or in an enterprise-level warehouse. 

Contact United Storage for more information on our range of shelving in Melbourne, or to purchase units for your business. 

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