Commercial Shelving Perth

If you’re looking to expand your Perth-based business and need more storage space, United Storage has you covered. We stock one of the largest ranges of industrial shelves Perth has to offer. Our catalogue of storage and shelving products can be used in garages, warehouses and factory units to provide extra shelving space for your business. United Storage has a warehouse based in Perth, ensuring that your order will arrive promptly.

Our Racking and Shelving Solutions Available in Perth

Shelving Solutions

Heavy Duty Shelving Perth

United Storage stocks a range of heavy duty shelves that are ideal for warehouse storage and other commercial purposes. Our heavy duty shelving is made from high quality steel that will withstand the pressures of heavier objects. Our extensive range allows you to choose the size of shelving that suits your needs, from 900mm wide to 8000mm wide.

Garage Shelving Perth

Our bolted garage shelves are a versatile solution for storing a range of items in smaller spaces. These shelves can be installed in smaller, garage-sized rooms which your business may use for storing products or equipment. The shelves measure between 1200mm and 2000mm wide and can be ordered in a deeper 600mm size to accommodate bulkier items.

Mobile Shelving Perth

Mobile shelving units are practical alternatives to traditional fixed shelves. They are handy if your workspace doesn’t have a fixed layout, and can still handle up to 800kg thanks to their sturdy construction. Our mobile shelves can be ordered in a variety of widths to suit your storage requirements.

Longspan Shelving Perth

Longspan shelving solutions are another industrial solution, handy for storing long or wide objects. These shelves can be ordered in sizes up to 20,000mm (20m) wide, and can accommodate up to 8000kg on their adjustable shelves.

Racking Solutions


Heavy Duty Racking Perth

United Storage’s heavy duty racks are a storage solution offering more flexibility and adaptability than traditional shelving units. Our racks can be joined together or purchased separately to create a fully customised storage solution that meets the needs of a wide range of commercial customers. 

Garage Benches Perth

Our metal garage work benches are the ideal surface on which to build or create your next project. The benches measure up to 2000mm wide and can accommodate up to 400kg. Our work benches can be installed in virtually any commercial property, making them a versatile solution for a range of projects.

Shelf Extension Kits Perth


Our shelf extension kits can help you fit more into your storage setup. The kits come in a variety of sizes in order to maximise the efficiency of your space while still providing the level of storage your business requires.


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United Storage can assist your business with a range of storage needs. Our wide range of products are shipped promptly from our Perth location, allowing you to improve workplace efficiency within days of placing your order. Contact United Storage to learn more about our stock of racks, benches and shelves in Perth.

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