Sydney Shelving and Racking

Does your workplace or garage need decluttering and reorganising? United Storage stocks a wide range of storage and shelving to suit a variety of residential and commercial applications. Our products are made from high quality materials and are sized for convenient installation in your workspace. 

United Storage is conveniently located in Homebush West for all your shelving and racking needs in Sydney. Our Sydney store carries a vast range of our products, allowing us to deliver promptly to your business or home


Our Racking and Shelving Solutions Available in Sydney
United Storage has a large product line that includes garage shelving, heavy duty racking and shelving, mobile shelving, work benches and a variety of parts and accessories.


Shelving Solutions

Our shelving solutions are designed to provide an organised space for your inventory or belongings.

Heavy Duty and Industrial Shelving Sydney

Our range of heavy-duty shelves are ideal for industrial storage, including heavy boxes, large tools and bulk quantities of merchandise. Our heavy-duty shelving comes in a variety of sizes, allowing you to customise your unit to fit your needs.

Warehouse shelving Sydney

United Storage’s range of heavy duty shelving is perfect for use in warehouses. Keep your inventory organised and secured with our range of industrial shelving units rated at up to 800kg.

Garage Shelving Sydney

United Storage offers a range of garage shelving to help you organise your tools, gardening supplies and sports equipment. Our garage shelving measures around 2m high, and are available in two depth sizes and several different widths to suit your garage’s needs.

Mobile Shelving Sydney

Mobile shelving is a great storage solution for busy and dynamic spaces where you may not be able to commit to bolting your shelves to the floor. Our range of mobile shelves come in a variety of heights and widths to suit a wide range of products. 

Longspan Shelving Sydney

Longspan shelves are ideal for storing bulky items, including lengths of timber, pipework and carpets. Our longspan shelves can measure up to 20m wide, meaning they are suitable for carrying a range of long items.

Racking Solutions

United Storage offers a range of customisable racking products to suit your storage needs at your home or workplace.

Sydney Industrial Racking

United Storage’s range of heavy duty racks are ideal for storage of industrial products, or simply those needing to get bulkier items off the floor. They are offered in various heights, widths and depths to suit a variety of needs.

Warehouse racking Sydney

Our racking systems are ideal for more open storage of inventory in warehouse settings. United Storage’s range of industrial racking is rated at up to 800kg, providing a range of possibilities for warehouse-based clients. Our range can even be used for all of your Sydney pallet racking needs. 


Garage Benches

If you spend a lot of time working in your garage, having workbenches is vital to ensure your productivity level remains strong. Our metal work benches are available in three sizes and can hold up to 400kg. 


Shelf Extension Kits

If you find yourself using up your existing shelf space, United Storage stocks a range of shelf extension kits. These modular kits can be bolted to your existing shelving units to add extra storage space.

Contact United Storage today to further explore our range of shelving and racking options that are available in Sydney. 

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